Showers and storms to increase

Good Tuesday, everyone. Milder air has taken control of the pattern for a few days, but showers and thunderstorms are about to share the stage. As this week acts the part of March, the first week of April may revert back toward wintertime. Sigh.

Temps today make a run into the 60s, but a strong southwesterly wind will bring a few showers and storms into our region:

Temps over the next few days are mainly in the 60s, but showers and storms will really increase. This comes from a stout moisture supply from the southwest. From there, we watch a more potent setup coming our way for the end of the week into the start of Easter Weekend. The high water threat is going to increase in the coming days, with the potential of 3″+ rains showing up across the state through Friday:

What about Easter Sunday? I’ve said we are walking a tight rope between systems, but some of the latest guidance suggests the potential for a shower or storm going up:

Once that goes through, another system takes aim at us by early Next week. The Canadian has a full blown winter look…

The European Model isn’t quite as robust, but isn’t too far away:

This one is being pushed by, what amounts to, an arctic outbreak entering the country. temps behind this will be WAY down there.

Have a great day and take care.

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