Chillier than normal pattern remains

Good Tuesday, folks. We have a better looking day taking shape across much of our region, but the overall pattern continues to be skewed colder than normal. We also continue to track a fairly active setup.

Let’s begin with today and roll forward. We start with temps in the 20s and end with thermometers making a run at 60 degrees. Skies will be partly to mostly sunny.

Highs by Wednesday may sneak into the low 70s. That comes as our winds become westerly then southwesterly, ushering in a mild day:

That’s ahead of another system coming in Wednesday night. This could touch off a broken band of showers and storms:

Much colder air comes back into play on Thursday. Readings may not get out of the 40s for highs.

The next storm system still looks to arrive later this weekend. It’s a bowling ball looking storm, with Kentucky as one of the pins:

The overall pattern across much of the country continues to be skewed colder than normal through the rest of the month. Here’s the CFS through the final day of April:

With normal temps continuing to climb with each passing day, below normal doesn’t mean true winter stuff, it just means ugly for this time of year. Some milder days will be noted, but you get the idea about the overall picture.

Have a great day and take care.

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