Storms to increase this week

Good Monday, everyone. Our steamy temps continue to start the new week, but another stormy setup is taking shape for the rest of the week. These storms will come at us in waves, bringing another heavy rain threat back to central and eastern Kentucky.

As always, let’s begin with today and roll forward. Scattered showers and storms will increase this afternoon and evening, potentially bringing locally heavy rains and high winds. Again, these are pretty scattered, so not everyone sees the action:

Scattered showers and storms will be floating around today into Tuesday, with rounds of storms waiting to kick into high gear starting Wednesday. That’s a setup that should last through the rest of the week and into the coming weekend.

A front moves in and slows down right on top of the bluegrass state. That will combine with abundant moisture, some of it streaming from the western Gulf of Mexico, to create an environment conducive for rounds of storms to roll across our pat of the world:

This setup can give us a few strong storms, but it’s the heavy rain threat that is most concerning. Once again, we find ourselves in a pattern that can produce, at least, local flash flooding issues.

Make it a great Monday and take care.

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