Rounds of storms keep coming

Good Tuesday, everyone. Our super-soaker of a spring and early summer rolls on across the bluegrass state. Rounds of showers and thunderstorms have been common and there is zero change to the stormy setup.

Recent storms have put down a ton of water, leading to flooding issues for some. It won’t take much more rain to cause additional high water issues. Unfortunately, today’s storms will contain torrential rainfall that can do just that.

Some of the storms may also be a little strong, with the greatest severe risk just to our northwest. Here’s the latest outlook from the Storm Prediction Center:

Those showers and storms will rumble into Wednesday, bringing another severe threat and flash flood threat. Here is your Wednesday Severe Weather Outlook from the SPC:

We may catch a small break in the action on Thursday as heat starts to bubble across the region. A super-soaked ground, along with lush vegetation, will temper the temperatures around here. Still, 90 degree numbers will show up by the weekend, especially west.

Something else to watch for… Wait for it… Wait for it… Thunderstorms! Shocker, I know. A moisture plume from the eastern Gulf of Mexico will be aimed at the region this weekend, with a cold front diving in as we close in on the 4th of July:

If it’s a day that ends in Y, I have you all set to track additional rounds of showers and storms:

Have a terrific Tuesday and take care.G

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