Another day of watching water levels

Good Wednesday, folks. Thunderstorms have been causing issues across the region for the past several days. High winds have caused damage, but the heavy rain has caused the most issues. Flash flooding devastated several areas on Tuesday, and we are on guard for additional issues today.

The ground is waterlogged and cannot hold much more rain, so it won’t take very much at all to create additional high water issues. As mentioned, a few of the storms may be strong or locally severe with damaging wind the main player.

Here are your Wednesday storm trackers:

Thursday will bring the threat for northwest to southeast moving storms across the western half of the state. Some of these may be severe. After that, we see heat and humidity moving in, but the soaked ground and green, lush vegetation will temper the numbers. Throw in a plume of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and you get a daily threat for a few showers and storms this weekend. Then a weak front settles in leading up to the 4th of July…

This stormy summer shows little signs of letting up. That seems to have been the common theme of the past several years.

Make it a great Wednesday and take care.

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