Some ugly summer weather on the way

Good Wednesday, folks. We have a couple of awesome weather days taking shape across central and eastern Kentucky. As good as these days are, the days that follow can take things to the other end of the weather spectrum. Some nasty weather is coming late this week into the weekend.

Highs today are in the low 80s for many areas, with low humidity and plenty of sunshine. The good stuff takes us into Thursday, with highs from 80-85 in most areas. Make sure to soak this up, because the ugly arrives on Friday.

The setup on the way does not look like one you see in the summer months. A huge cutoff low will drop in here from the northwest, delivering much cooler than normal temps and rounds of rain and storms.

Check out the upper low:

As I’ve said, there is NOTHING summer-like about that kind of a setup.

So, what does it actually mean for the weather where you live? Plenty of wet weather and MUCH cooler than normal temps.

Rounds of showers and thunderstorms will be common:

We will need to watch late Friday into Friday night for the potential for a healthy complex of thunderstorms causing a few issues in our region.

Temperatures under a system like this can have a little “wow” factor for this time of year. Highs may struggle into the low and middle 70s for a day or two.

The cool doesn’t end there. Check out the temperature departures for next week:

That’s a very cool look across the country as we wrap up July.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and take care.

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