More rounds of rain and storms this weekend

Good Saturday to one and all. Many folks will be spending the day cleaning up from a powerful severe weather outbreak on Friday. Winds of greater than 70mph ripped across the bluegrass region, bringing widespread damage.

Unfortunately, more rounds of showers and storms are on the way for the weekend, but we aren’t expecting the same severe intensity.

Today’s showers and storms will come courtesy of a spiraling area of low pressure dropping in from the northwest. This cuts off across the region, potentially bringing one more round of strong storms this afternoon. Isolated severe weather can’t be ruled out:

This low will then sit and spin right on top of us into early next week, bringing more rounds of rain and storms…

Locally heavy rains and cooler than normal temps show up under that low. You will also notice the big area of low pressure rolling up the east coast this weekend. That almost has a tropical/hybrid look to it.

The shower and storm action doesn’t stop there. Watch additional rounds of rain and boomers take us from Wednesday through Thursday, ahead of another cold front working in:

Cooler than normal temps come in behind that front, with the increasing potential for another wet weather maker shooting in next weekend into early the following week:

I leave you with your Saturday tracking toys:

Current watches
Current Watches

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Current MDs

Make it a great day and take care.

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