Tracking Hurricane Florence

Good Wednesday, folks. We continue to see fairly calm weather across the bluegrass state and that’s a good thing. Our waterlogged bluegrass state needs a long time to dry out. Now, we track Hurricane Florence to see what impact, if any it will have on our weather.

Highs today will generally range from the mid to upper 70s in most areas with a partly sunny sky.

Scattered storms will try to fire back up Thursday into Friday with highs back into the low 80s.

Hurricane Florence continues to roll toward the Carolinas and continues to strengthen:

cone graphic

The hurricane models are showing the potential for a worst case scenario of a super slow-moving system in the Carolinas:

Notice how many of the members now bring that directly on top of Kentucky by Sunday and Monday. That could still be classified as a depression as it moves in.

The GFS Ensembles are similar:

The new European Model does a strange dance with Florence as it gets ready to come ashore:

Still, it brings that system right on top of Kentucky by Sunday and Monday:

The latest run of the GFS is similar with the southward jog into South Carolina, then heads toward our way:

The same run from earlier Tuesday did not make the south look, but still rolled into our part of the world:

The NAVY Nogaps model is more similar to that run:

As you can see, there is still uncertainty as to exactly how all this plays out, but every model has the remnants of Florence impacting our weather in some capacity.

Make it a great day and take care.

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