Steamy temps and then the storms return

Good Wednesday to one and all. Steamy temperatures continue to be with us across central and eastern Kentucky. This warm and humid air will soon give way to rounds of storms by the upcoming weekend.

Temps today are generally in the middle 80s for much of central and eastern Kentucky. This same air mass will be around into Thursday. Isolated showers and storms may blow up during the afternoon hours.

A cold front nears the state later Friday with showers and storms on the increase. Those showers and storms can put down some pretty good rains as they roll through.

That front will then slow down on top of the region over the weekend. This may oscillate north and south, with areas north of the front seeing more dry than areas south. Still, rounds of showers and storms are a good bet through early next week.

The models aren’t shy with the rainfall numbers for the next week and change:

I don’t think the weekend is a total wash and we will get MANY dry hours in there, too.

A stronger front will then roll in here by the middle of next week and may bring some pretty good thunderstorms our way:

That will also bring much cooler air in here, with even cooler air likely to follow that by next weekend. As a matter of fact, the closing days of September into early October look cold for this time of year. The average departures from the Ensembles are all over this:

Remember that early season frost potential I was talking about? This pattern could support that.

Yesterday, I posted the CFS maps that were trying to bring a taste of early season winter action into the Ohio Valley. These are really just for fun to look at, but they have been doing a really good job in showing all this wet weather. Now, we have a second seasonal model suggesting some October flake action. Here’s the European Ensembles through October:

That’s interesting and may actually have some merit. Why? The crazy cold in Canada isn’t just going to disappear.

Oh yeah… the same model run keeps us above normal on rains:

Make it a great Wednesday and take care.

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