Showers move in to start the weekend

Good Friday to one and all. Our weekend is kicking off with a wet weather maker moving in by the evening. This is ahead of a push of very cold air rolling in for Saturday night and Sunday.

Today begins with temps in the frost 30s. Clouds will then increase as the day wears on, with showers not too far behind. Those showers will kick in this evening and take us into early Saturday.

This may mean some wet high school football games across central and eastern Kentucky. Here are your Friday trackers:

Temps hit the 60-65 degree range on a gusty southwest wind ahead of our rain maker. Those rains roll into town by the evening and will carry us into Saturday morning. Skies dry for a bit behind that, but a cold front will drop in during the evening, bringing a few showers with it:

You can see a few snowflakes showing up just to our north and into the mountains of West Virginia and Virginia.  Snowshoe could see a few inches of the white stuff.

Cold air crashes in here Saturday evening with temps in the upper 20s and low 30s by Sunday morning. Highs on Sunday may not get out of the upper 40s, even with mostly sunny skies.

Early next week looks really good, but I’m going to continue to hammer home the chance for a big system for the final week of October. Our major amplification of the jet stream may yield a biggie in the east:

Some interesting things can come from a setup like that. Stay tuned!

Have a good one and take care.

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