Tracking a big storm system into the region

Good Wednesday and Happy Halloween! As we close out the month of October, we are tracking a big storm into the region. This will bring rounds of heavy rain and gusty winds into the first few days of November.

A Flood Watch has been issued for much of the region from Halloween through Friday morning. Here’s a look:

Now that we are upon the event, it’s time to hone in a little more on who has the greatest potential for flooding issues. This is a fine line between not much rain and a ton of rain. Here’s the current threat map:

As you can see, the farther west and north, the more rain you are likely to pick up. The farther south and east, amounts will be MUCH lower.

Winds are also a major player over the next few days. Gusts may reach 40mph on Halloween with gusts of 50mph or greater possible Thursday into Thursday night.

Much colder air sweeps in behind this system for Friday with another system rounding the bend of the deep trough on top of us. That keeps chilly showers going through the day and into Saturday morning:

That moves away very quickly, with another shower maker moving into the western half of the state as early as late Saturday. Another powerhouse of a storm system by Tuesday and Wednesday:

That could be another major rain, storm and wind maker for our region. Behind that? The bottom falls out:

I leave you with your local Halloween weather tracking tools:

Make it a great day and take care.

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