November starts with a lot of rain and wind

Good Thursday, everyone. Rounds of heavy rain and wind are on tap as we open up the month of November. This continues to be part of a very active setup that may throw another big storm our way early next week, just in time for Election Day.

Our Flood Watch rolls on:

The Greatest Risk area will pick up a general 2″-4″ of rain during this time, with locally higher amounts up to 6″ possible. Flooding and flash flooding will be possible. As I’ve mentioned on many occasions, there is a VERY sharp cutoff on the eastern and southeastern side of the heavy rain. That means areas of the east and southeast may not pick up very much at all.

Winds will continue to be an issue today with gusts of 40mph or greater showing up…

Here’s the first edition of your November tracking tools:

Leftover chilly showers will be with us on Friday, but things clean up for Saturday. Another shower maker moves in later Sunday with another big storm system due in here Tuesday:

Heavy rain, strong storms and high winds will again be possible. Check out the forecast gusts off the European Model:

That’s followed up by a surge of cold air and the potential for another system moving in. The European Model has the first flakes late next week:

Check out the cold on the model behind that:

Make it a great day and take care.

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