A nice start to the Thanksgiving travel period

Good Wednesday, folks. It’s the absolute busiest travel day of the entire year and the weather is actually cooperating for a change. Very nice weather is being noted across the bluegrass state and this rolls into Thanksgiving. From there, the pattern gets back to being busy and takes a wintry turn.

Our travel day starts with temps in the 20s and ends with highs in the 40s. Skies will be partly sunny.

Thanksgiving day has a similar look and feel to it, but we may see a little more cloud cover in the afternoon. Still, we really can’t ask for better weather for these two big time travel days.

Black Friday starts off in good shape, but rain sweeps in late in the day into Friday night. That system lingers into Saturday”

The system behind that is likely a big wind maker from Sunday through Tuesday. Rain is likely along and ahead of this system, with a switch to a mix of rain and snow then a few snow showers:

I’m still watching the setup behind that for the end of next week. That’s a setup that has been throwing a winter storm signal out from time to time. The late day GFS picked up on that possibility:

The pattern closing November and beginning December has a cold and wintry look to it. The European Ensembles show a major block across the Arctic and that forces a split in the polar vortex. One piece of that goes to the other side of the globe, with another piece heading into Canada:

That could lead to a direct discharge of arctic air into the eastern half of the country for early December:

Have a safe travel day and take care.

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