Another busy setup follows Thanksgiving

Good Thursday and Happy Thanksgiving. Mother Nature is giving us some very nice weather on this big holiday. Unfortunately, the rest of the holiday weekend isn’t looking as good. We have two systems set to roll across Kentucky, with the second ready to bring a touch of winter back into the bluegrass.

The rain that rolls in later Friday into early Saturday is likely to bring some pretty good rains to the state, especially in central and eastern Kentucky. The NAM has some 1″-2″ rains showing up…

That would be enough rain to push several cities into the wettest year on record. Lexington just needs a little more than 1″ of rain to take the top spot.

Winds are also very gusty Friday into Saturday.

The next system moves in quickly behind this one and arrives by Sunday evening. Winds are going to crank with this storm system and should reach 40mph+ at times:

A wall of rain rolls quickly eastward across the state as temps crash quickly. Rain will change to a period of light snow Sunday night and early Monday with wraparound snow showers or flurries behind it.

The models are in their typical “all over the place” mode for later next week. There is just too much energy in a loaded pattern for much consistency from the operational models. Still, they’re trying to figure it all out:

I continue to watch the European Ensembles showing a VERY cold setup as we get into early December. The Polar Vortex is on our side of the pole the coldest temps anomalies in the northern hemisphere are aimed right at us:

That could be some serious cold if it works out.

Snow chances should also be noted and the GFS Ensembles are picking up this pretty well over the next 2 weeks:

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and take care.

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