Weekend storm targets the southeast

Good Friday, everyone. Much colder than normal air continues across the region on this Friday and the strength of the cold may play a role in our weekend winter storm potential. This system continues to target mainly the southern and southeastern parts of Kentucky.

The high to the north is so strong that its forcing the storm on a far southern track. That makes it tough to get precipitation too far north into the bluegrass state, but exactly where that snow and ice line get’s remains to be seen.

The greatest threat for snow and ice continues to target areas of the southeast. Farther north, I’m leaving open some room in case this system drifts back to the north:

This system hasn’t even formed yet, so the models are still struggling with how to put all the storm ingredients together.

The two heavy hitters in the modeling world are the GFS and the European Models. They are giving only far southern and southeastern Kentucky some snow action, and it’s much lighter than the other models. You can see this well on the GFS:

As of this writing, it’s those two models against the rest of the modelling world. The NAM continues to be north and west with the snow and freezing rain shield:

That particular run put a hurting on southeastern Kentucky:

The Hi-Res NAM only goes through daybreak Sunday, but is even farther north and west with the storm system:

Here’s the snow forecast from that same run…

Both of the NAM models are spitting out some freezing rain accumulations, too.

The new version of the GFS is more similar to the NAM fam than it is to the GFS and Euro Duo:

Have a great day and take care.

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