Tracking a winter storm for some

A Winter Storm is working across parts of the bluegrass state, bringing freezing rain, sleet and heavy snow. The majority of this action is across the southern half of the state, with southeastern Kentucky being especially hard hit.

Let’s start this out with a current look at the Winter Weather Alerts:

Significant amounts of freezing rain are very possible in some of the counties across the south and south central. That’s before some of these areas go over to snow. Power hits are possible in some of these areas.

Given the sleet and freezing rain issues, the snow forecast is a tough one. Obviously, areas seeing more freezing rain will get much less snow. That said, for those areas getting more snow… look out. A heavy, wet snowstorm is likely in those spots and that could also cause some tree and power issues. This will NOT work out perfectly because of the mixing issues, but it’s what I’ve got to show:

I do want to take a quick look at a few models that are throwing some big numbers out there for both snow and ice.

NAM Snowfall

NAM Freezing rain forecast 

Hi Res NAM snowfall forecast

Hi Res NAM freezing rain forecast

Here are your Sunday tracking tools:

Fort Campbell

Kentucky/Tennessee border on I-65

Bowling Green

Pine Mountain


Mountain Parkway near Slade


South Lexington


Make it a good one and take care.

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