High winds and heavy rains slow down

Good Friday to one and all. High winds caused all kinds of problems last night across our region. Power outages and some wind damage continues to show up early this morning as the southeast deals with potential flooding issues.

The good news is that things calm down as the day wears on. The bad news is I’m tracking another big rain event by Sunday night and Monday.

Let’s begin with today and roll forward. Heavy rain continues in the southeast and that’s likely leading to flooding problems early today. Here are your tracking tools:

A new round of flooding rains show up Sunday night into the final day of the year Monday. Heavy rainfall of 1″-3″ will be possible, with the GFS showing a little more than that:

That major rain event also shows up on the European:

Flash flooding, general flooding and river flooding will all be possible during that time period.

Much colder air comes in behind as another low develops across the south. Most models have been showing this south and east of us, but I’ve said to watch for a trend back toward the west. That trend is underway. Here’s the new version of the GFS for Wednesday and Thursday:

The European Model is getting closer:

The European Control has a really potent storm on top of West Virginia with winter weather across much of Kentucky:

Let’s see if those models are onto something or just on something. 🙂

Have a great Friday and take care.

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