Happy New Year’s weather

Good Tuesday and Happy New Year! 2019 is finally upon us and not a moment too soon. 2018 goes down as the wettest year on record for our region, so we are hoping for a little different outcome for the year ahead.

As we look back at 2018, rain was by far and away the dominant weather headline. Many cities recorded their wettest year on record, establishing a new bar that may live for a long, long time. If we look back at rainfall numbers for the year, some areas topped out at better than 80″:

Just look at how much real estate hit 70″ or more! Just… WOW!

As far as temps for the year, our high temps were actually below normal across much of the region:


With lots of clouds and water vapor filling the air from the soggy ground, overnight lows were MUCH above normal:

Those lows skewed our yearly average temp to a little above normal:

Unfortunately, 2019 appears to start out very active with another big storm impacting the region later this week.

In the short term, day one of 2019 looks much better with cloudy skies and temps in the 40-45 degree range for many.

How do we roll into the first few days of the new year? The next system rolls at us in waves, with the main low on Friday. One band of rain increases on Wednesday into Wednesday night with the bowling ball low following that up with heavy rain the chance for some snow from Thursday night through Friday night:

Have a great start to the year and take care.

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