All eyes on the weekend

Good Tuesday, everyone. It’s another cloudy and cold day with a few flakes flying across central and eastern Kentucky. As we roll into later this week and into the weekend, things ramp up in a hurry with another winter storm targeting the region. This may bring a lot of different precipitation types our way.

Let’s begin with today. Temps are hanging in the low 30s with some flakes or patchy freezing drizzle. In the overall scheme of things, this action is pretty light.

A weak cold front drops in Wednesday with a light shower of rain or snow.

Another system then zips across the state on Thursday, bringing light rain to many. This may actually begin and end as a touch of frozen precipitation.

How far south does the boundary behind that set up? That’s the big question over the next few days because the weekend winter storm is going to ride that boundary. The models go back and forth on the exact placement of the front and subsequent storm track.

Regardless, this storm is going to produce a lot of precipitation in our region. Anything from flooding rains to significant snow and ice, or all three, are possible Saturday and Sunday. It’s simply way too early to get more specific than that.

This weekend’s winter storm is going to be headline making system for a significant portion of the country. An arctic boundary sags into the Ohio Valley by Saturday as a couple of lows ride northeast along it. Exactly where that boundary sets up won’t be known for a few more days, but that’s the key player in determining the weather in your backyard.

All modes of precipitation are on the table this weekend, but the early signal is for heavy rain and local high water issues giving way to the potential for freezing rain and snow as arctic temps crash in.

The European Model continues to show this well…

As I’ve mentioned for the past few days, the most awesome part of this setup for me is the temperature swing. 60 to single digits in less than 24 hours? That’s certainly a possibility. Watch the bottom drop out…

In addition to the potential for freezing rain and snow Saturday night into Sunday, that quick of a temperature drop following that much rain could lead to a big time ice up. It’s been a while since this region experienced a true flash freeze.

Another aspect of this setup… The wind. Gusts of 40mph or greater may show up as the cold crashes in…

Many of you are just want snow and I totally get that. But, if you’re a true fan of weather like myself, all the action packed into this weekend is pretty awesome to see. Oh and you may even get some snow out of it if you play nice. 😉

Here’s a little looksee at some of the other models:



Areas getting snow and ice on the ground have a legit shot at zero by Monday morning with a wind chill even colder than that.

Another storm system will try to develop behind that one a few days later. This could also unleash another round of arctic air. Some of the model numbers later in the month are way, way down…

Make it a good one and take care.

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