Bitterly cold temps and snow ahead

Good Sunday to one and all. We are wrapping up the weekend with a touch of light rain and light snow early in the day, but the focus is on the week ahead. A massive arctic air outbreak is coming our way, bringing bitterly cold temps and snow.

Our Arctic front is going to slam in here Monday night and will feature a wave of low pressure along it. As we have talked about, most of the precipitation falls behind the front, giving us our region the increasing potential to put snow on the ground. That’s especially true for central and eastern parts of the state.

The NAM shows what I’m talking about:

As expected, the GFS continues to shift west with the whole setup and is also picking up on the light snow maker zipping in behind it on Wednesday:

The above map is only for the arctic front snow potential and doesn’t include the Wednesday system. That second system is a likely arctic snow maker for most of the region.

The Hi Res NAM only goes through Monday night, but shows the beginning of a similar look to the above maps:

For areas getting snow, blowing snow will be an issue as winds will absolutely crank during this time! Travel conditions Monday night and Tuesday could go downhill very quickly across central and eastern Kentucky.

Bitterly cold temps slam in behind this system on Tuesday, with the coldest arriving for Wednesday and Thursday. Air temps may drop to zero or below in some parts of the state. Wind chills from Tuesday night through early Friday will be in the danger category. Wind chills by Wednesday morning are already as low as -20 on the NAM:

As the Polar Vortex relaxes later in the week into the weekend, watch for another potential snow maker to work in from the west.

Make it a great Sunday and take care.

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