A lot more rain for the week ahead

Good Monday, everyone. This President’s Day features much colder air and a few snowflakes dancing about the sky. This pattern is not going to be the dominant one of the week as rounds of heavy rain return. This will cause the flood risk to increase in the coming days.

Let’s begin with today and roll forward. Highs may not get out of the 30s for many, as clouds spit out a few snow showers or flurries.

From here, the pattern turns very active with two big systems targeting a lot of real estate with heavy rains. The greatest potential for flooding this week is from Kentucky southwest into the Tennessee Valley and deep south:

The next system is much stronger with heavy rainfall likely. This may still start out as a wintry mix late Tuesday, before the heavy rain takes over. Here’s how the NAM sees it:

This is the first of two big systems ready to impact the weather through next weekend. The second one will also bring heavy rain with it:

The rainfall numbers from these two systems are alarming:

Significant flooding issues may very well develop over the next week, including along some of our rivers. Please stay alert to the forecast in the coming week.

Make it a great day and take care.

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