Tracking a busy weather day

Good Saturday, everyone. It’s a busy day across central and eastern Kentucky as a potent storm system moves in here. This is bringing the increased threat for flooding, high winds and a few severe thunderstorms.

I have all your tracking tools lined up and will get to those in a moment. First, let’s break down how the day plays out:

  • Heavy rain and thunderstorms develop across the region this morning. Flooding is likely to develop during this time.
  • Temps surge into the 60s on strong southwesterly winds Saturday afternoon. We may actually catch some dry times.
  • Strong to severe thunderstorms develop across the west during the afternoon and roll east during the evening. Damaging winds, large hail and a few tornadoes are all possible.
  • In addition to the thunderstorms, winds are going to become a major player. Gusts may reach 50mph or greater at times through tonight.
  • Total rainfall numbers through Sunday morning will generally range from 1″-3″ across the state, with the highest totals in the south and southeast.

Here’s everything you need to track today’s active weather:

Current watches
Current Watches

Possible watch areas
Current MDs

Make it a good one and take care.

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