Dry weather for a few more days

Good Tuesday, folks. It’s another day of sunny weather across the region and that sun is exactly what the weather doctor ordered. We get a few more days of the sun before we change it up by the end of the week and into the weekend. March looks to roar in like a cold lion into the first few weeks of the month.

The pattern late this week continues to skew just a little colder as a system passes through here on Thursday, with another to follow later Friday into Saturday. There’s even the chance for a little frozen stuff on the northern side of this second one as it brings much colder air in here behind it.

That sets up a very cold pattern, producing a storm track just to our south.

The European Model tries to get this started earlier with a Thursday system showing some rain and snow:

It brings the arctic front through here with a shower on Friday and early Saturday, With much colder air in place, the Sunday system shows up very far south on the European Model, bringing a swath of snow across Kentucky:

The GFS continues to be a little farther south then showing another system following that up:

Make it a good one and take care!

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