Winter weather possible

Good Thursday, everybody. Much colder air continues to filter into the region today and this is a sign of things to come. The air grows even colder by the weekend and gets absolutely frigid into next week.

A weak system rolls across the state later today, producing some chilly showers. There’s even the chance for a mix across the north this evening:

We have a cold front working in here by late Friday into early Saturday. How far south that front gets will be the determining factor to what happens with the storm system coming behind it for Sunday. The track of that low will dictate what kind of weather you get outside your house.

Your three options:

  • The cold is so impressive that it pushes the track too far south to bring much of anything to Kentucky.
  • The cold is less impressive so we get a storm track right on top of the state, bringing more of a rain threat than anything else.
  • The cold is just right and allows for a storm track across the Tennessee Valley, bringing a swath of accumulating snow to the state.

The GFS continues to show a pretty big hit:

So does the new version of the GFS:

As does the ICON:

The European Model is farther south than the last run, but still has more rain than any of the other models:

We still have a few more days to figure out exactly how this system plays out. Regardless, it gets really cold behind this into next week.

I leave you with your Thursday radars to track this first system into the region:

Make it a good one and take care.

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