Tracking winter weather toward Kentucky

Good Saturday to one and all. A winter storm will bring snow, rain and a combination of the two our way for Sunday. A swath of accumulating snow is likely to show up, with frigid temps to follow into early March.

Ahead of this storm, today is a really nice one with temps that can make a run at 50. Clouds will increase today, but things remain dry until later tonight.

Here are some thoughts on the upcoming setup:

  • The track of this system is pretty much set and it will be fairly far south of the bluegrass state.
  • Our storm isn’t the strongest in the world and will be moving at a pretty good clip.
  • To the south of this low, severe thunderstorms are likely to develop across parts of the deep south. Those storms can disrupt the northward transport of moisture into the colder air. That acts to limit precipitation totals.
  • If those thunderstorms across the deep south don’t flare up, then our snow numbers¬†could overperform.
  • The swath of snow working across the state is likely to have some lighter holes in it. When and where those show up is always a tough call.

Here’s the First Call For Snowfall:

Notice the bullet points in the top right corner of the map.¬† I don’t expect this to be a consistent swath of snow with some low spots and a few hot spots. I’ve highlighted an area of eastern Kentucky as having the best chance for some of those hot spots to show up. That’s where our storm system comes together a little better after losing those southern thunderstorms.

I will have additional updates to the map later today.

I suspect we will see Winter Weather Advisories and possibly a Winter Storm Watch go up for many areas…

Behind all this comes frigid temps for the first week of March.

Make it a good one and take care.

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