Colder winds kicking in

Good Friday to one and all. Wow! Talk about a wild weather day, Thursday certainly was just that. High winds and severe storms rolled across the bluegrass, leaving behind all kinds of damage. Now, a colder wind is blowing some better weather into town.

Lexington had a peak wind gust of 69mph on Thursday and that was one of the strongest wind gusts on record. It could easily be the highest non-thunderstorm wind gust ever recorded in the city.

Today’s winds are still gusty, but nowhere near what we had yesterday. It’s also a much colder wind with temps generally staying in the 40s as clouds filter back in. Spotty showers may even develop:

Saturday looks good, but chilly. Readings hit the upper 20s to start the day, then rebound into the 40s under mostly sunny skies.

Sunday is another windy day with a slight recovery in temps as we watch a weak system dive in from the northwest. That may bring a shower with it and could whittle a few degrees off the thermometer for Monday. From there, a stronger system tries to dig in by the middle of the week. Can that hook up with a system in the Gulf or in the southeast? Maybe, but the models aren’t really seeing it.

The Canadian


Make it a great Friday and take care.

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