Dry weather moves in

Good Tuesday to one and all. We have an honest to goodness dry day taking shape across central and eastern Kentucky. This kicks off a setup that is much better in terms of thunderstorm coverage, but the chance will kick back in over the next few days.

Let us begin with today and roll forward. Highs are in the upper 70s and low 80s with a dry wind blowing. Skies will be partly sunny so make sure to carve out some time to go outside and enjoy.

The pattern for the rest of the week will see some very steamy conditions moving into the region. Humidity levels are going to feel rather tropical as temps hang out in the 85-90 degree range… Typical for this time of year.

Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be noted during this time, with a little better chance for the coming weekend. This is when we will need to start watching the northwestern sky for clusters of thunderstorms dropping back in here..

The pattern into the 4th of July week is going to try to send a trough into the eastern part of the country:

I’m not fully sold on that idea. If we just use pattern persistence, one could see that trough not being as deep and instead setting up another wet battle zone across our region.

I promised you a look way down the weather road and I’m here to deliver. The JAMSTEC seasonal run is out for the rest of summer, fall and winter. The model is spot on with the cooler temps of summer, so far. It then shows our region remaining cool in the fall, but much of the country warms. It then drops the hammer in for winter:

It’s a winter forecast made from June… What can go wrong? 😉


Make it a terrific Tuesday and take care.

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