A normal summer pattern

Good Friday, folks. We are rolling into the final weekend of June with a typical summertime pattern settling in. Steamy temps and scattered storms are the name of the weather game for the foreseeable future.

Temps out there today will generally be around 90 with humidity levels making it feel a few degrees toastier than that. A few showers and storms will develop this afternoon and evening, with heavy rainfall a possibility. Here are your Friday storm tracking toys:

Our weekend will feature more of the same. Blah.

I have no changes to the setup for our 4th of July week. A few rounds of showers and storms are likely to dive in from the northwest…

That’s NOT a pattern of constant rain, but a few rounds of storms may be on the strong side and put down heavy rains. Temps continue to run steamy.

As we head into the middle of summer, let’s get a status check of the ocean temperature numbers. Much of the waters in the Pacific and the Atlantic continue to run above normal…

Two things stand out on that map.  The first is the warm pool across northern Pacific. That’s something winter lovers hope continues through the fall and into the winter months. It’s something that was common during that extended run of harsh winters we had a few years ago.

The second is the warmer waters off the southeastern seaboard. That may help give a little extra fuel to any hurricanes that develop in the coming weeks and months. It also suggests the southeastern part of the country stays warmer than normal, putting Kentucky in the battle zone again. That argues for above normal rainfall continuing.

Something else that stands out is the recent decline in the weak El Nino in the equatorial Pacific. We have been in a weak El Nino for several months and that’s forecast to continue through the fall and winter:

Have a fantastic Friday and take care.

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