A few hot days before a major cool blast

Good Friday to one and all. Heat and humidity are taking center stage across the region today and Saturday, but a big change is set to follow. Much cooler air is poised to take control of the pattern by early next week.

Let me begin with a recap of something I wrote for yesterday’s post:

Friday and Saturday feature the hottest days of the summer. Daytime highs range from 90-95 in many areas with a heat index above 100 for many. I know there’s an Excessive Heat Warning (heat index of 110 or higher for 2 straight hours or more or 4 straight days of 105 or higher for 2 consecutive hours on each day ) out for many, but we seem to be lowering the standards for that. This is Heat Advisory material for many in central and eastern Kentucky and some may struggle to even get to that (105 for 2 straight hours or more).

The Excessive Heat Warning began Thursday and this was the end result on the Kentucky Mesonet sites…

Only 7 out of nearly 75 sites managed to hit 90 degrees for a high. This wasn’t even the hottest day of the past week, let alone something worthy of an Excessive Heat Warning.

Here’s a look at the Heat Index temps shortly before 4pm:

Scattered showers and thunderstorms will try to go back up this afternoon and evening, especially in the south and southeast. Here are your Friday tracking toys:

The threat for a few storms will increase a bit on Saturday and that could play a factor in keeping temps down just a bit…

Showers and storms will become more widespread on Sunday and that is obviously going to keep temps down. Some of those storms may be on the strong side as a cold front drops in from the northwest. That front moves in here on Monday with more showers and storms around:

That’s also a setup that can put down some very heavy rains in our part of the world… Again.

The air coming in behind that is awesome and is straight out of September:

Highs are going to struggle to get out of the 70s for Tuesday and Wednesday as lows drop into the 50s.

Enjoy your Friday and take care.

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