Tracking a major change into the region

Good Sunday, everyone. Our hot and humid pattern is making the transition to one that’s more common in early fall. As we flip from one to the other, rounds of showers and storms are kicking off out there today and a few of these boomers may be on the strong side.

Temps today come down from where we have been, but the air is still going to be super muggy and super tropical. That will aid in the development of showers and storms that can put down torrential rains for some. The best chance for severe storms is just to our north, but a few boomers can briefly go severe today:

As the front settles into the state on Monday, there is a better chance for a few severe storms. Here’s the Monday Severe Weather Outlook from the Storm Prediction Center:

The torrential rain threat will continue into Monday, so don’t be surprised to hear about local flash flooding through Monday night.

As the front crashes through here late Monday, you will be able to tell the different in just a few minutes. Temps and humidity levels will both drop in a hurry. That kind of a pronounced drop isn’t something very common during the summer months.

Highs for Tuesday and Wednesday may not get out of the 70s for many areas. An extended run of lows in the 50s will be possible:

Folks, those are numbers that are WELL BELOW normal and we could even get in the vicinity of a record low on Wednesday.

I leave you with your Sunday storm tracking toys:

Make it a great day and take care.

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