A few storms fire up the next few days

Good Monday, folks. It’s the week we make the transition from July to August and we will be doing so with a few storms on the increase. This action is along and ahead of a cold front dropping in from the northwest over the next couple of days.

That front won’t arrive until Tuesday, so you get another typical temperature day for late July. Scattered showers and storms may develop, with the highest probability being across the western half of the state.

Track whatever is out there:

The front moves in here on Tuesday, bringing an increase in showers and storms:

The greatest concentration will be across central and eastern Kentucky.

As I’ve been talking about, the trough splits and leaves a piece behind across the Tennessee Valley into the deep south. That will hang around the rest of the week, spawning a couple of showers and storms. This action may increase this weekend as this system strengthens. At the same time, something tropical may be cranking off the southeast coast. Here’s a look at this potential scenario:

Temps are generally below normal during this time, but if a tropical system gets cranking it could boost the numbers a bit.

Once this mess works itself out, that allows this deepening trough to really get established across the east during the first full week of August:

That’s a pretty cool look for that time of year and it will be interesting to see if the western Atlantic ridge fights a little more than shown. If so, guess what that could mean? A wet setup.

Happy Monday and take care.

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