Tracking Labor Day Weekend and Hurricane Dorian

Good Thursday, folks. Our Labor Day Weekend is fast approaching and we do have a few changes on the way as a weak cold front drops into the region. As that’s happening, Hurricane Dorian will be bearing down on Florida.

Let’s begin with today and roll forward. Temps start in the low and middle 50s for most, but recover nicely into the afternoon as humidity levels stay very comfortable. Highs will range from the upper 70s to low 80s.

Friday’s temps return to the 80-85 degree range with a mix of sun and clouds.

A weak cold front drops into the state from the north late Friday into Saturday and could hang around into Sunday. That doesn’t have very much moisture with it, but it could produce a shower or thunderstorm during this time. The best chance is across the northern half of the state:

That front may also mean a bit of a temperature gradient setting up from north to south, depending on just how far south it can get.

That may be determined by Hurricane Dorian as it continues to on collision course with Florida. This is now forecast to become a major hurricane making landfall in the Sunshine State over Labor Day Weekend:

cone graphic

Here are the latest Hurricane Models:

The GFS Ensembles forecast tracks:

That could be a devastating hit for Florida from the east, with even a potential second landfall if it can emerge over the eastern Gulf. Obviously, the farther west it gets, the better the chance it would have of impacting our weather next week.

Some of the operational models are close:



Enjoy your Thursday and take care.

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