A few changes after Labor Day

Good Saturday and welcome to September. Our Labor Day Weekend rolls on with steamy temps and a few storms floating about the region. As we look beyond Labor Day, changes are showing up as a big trough pushes into the eastern half of the country.

That same trough may also impact the changing track of Hurricane Dorian.

Before we get to all that, let’s begin with what’s happening out there today. Highs are similar to where we have been for the past few days and a couple of thunderstorms may show up. Not everyone sees rain, but a few strong storm will be possible once again.

Here’s the Sunday edition of your storm trackers:

Our Labor Day Forecast looks to feature more of the same with a few thunderstorms crashing some cookouts.

From this point, our pattern will be dictated by what happens with Hurricane Dorian. This hurricane continues to be absolutely unbelievable to look at:

This may very well achieve Category 5 status at some point. Here’s the latest update and track forecast from the National Hurricane Center:

cone graphic

Here are the latest Hurricane Model forecasts:

The GFS Ensembles:

The models and track forecast for this hurricane have shifted dramatically over the past few days and may very well shift again as the system rips through the Bahamas. Everyone along the east coast from Florida to North Carolina need to be on guard for a potential impact from this storm.

If this storm goes all the way up the coast like some models are suggesting, we could get some healthy shots of cool behind this:

Again, the extent of those cool shots depend on how everything with Dorian plays out in the coming days.

Enjoy your Sunday and take care.

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