Fall takes control

Good Friday, everyone. Fall has FINALLY arrived here in the bluegrass state and it only gets better from here. The cooler temps will soon be joined by soaking rains to end the weekend and kickoff next week.

Temps this morning are generally in the 50s, but a few upper 40s will show up in the north and west. The rest of the day looks phenomenal with temps upper 60s north to mid 70s south. A quick drop occurs Friday evening, setting the stage for lots of 40s by Saturday morning.

Saturday is a windy and warmer day as clouds increase ahead of our Sunday-Monday rain maker. Another cold front moves in and should have a wave of low pressure along it. The end result will be widespread rain and a few thunderstorms. The European Model continues to spit out a lot of rain:

Soaking rains are likely during this time, with some areas picking up more than 1″-2″ of water.

Chilly temps will be coming in with the rain and should give us a few days of highs in the 60s into the first half of next week. Lows may flirt with the upper 30s in a few spots.

Another front then moves in by the end of the week and could bring another shot of rain and even chillier temps:



Early indications are for a frost or light freeze next weekend…

The overall pattern looks to be flipping on a dime and may even take on a winter look later in the month. Could the 1939 analog continue to show the way? It’s very interesting at this point.

Have a great Friday and take care.

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