Watching a late week cold front

Good Tuesday, everyone. We are seeing some nice fall weather blowing in for the next few days, but a late week cold front promises another rain chance and even colder air for the weekend. As a matter of fact, frost is possible.

Let’s begin with today and roll forward. Highs are generally in the upper 60s after starting the day in the low 40s. There is the chance for a shower or two across southeastern parts of the state:

A few clouds will be noted as we head into the middle of the week as temps return to the low and mid 70s. There’s even the chance for a shower or two.

Friday looks like a very awesome day for wild weather loves. A major storm will be rolling across the northern plains and it will drag a cold front into our region. Gusty winds and a few showers and storms will be associated with this boundary:

Temps will be deep into the 70s ahead of this front Friday afternoon, then tumble very quickly as the front moves in. Some upper 30s will show up by Saturday morning. That sets the stage for a frost threat Monday night.

This same storm system is likely to bring a punishing snowstorm from the Rockies to the northern plains:

Road trip? 🙂

The pattern next week is likely to feature a huge upper low closing off across the eastern half of the country:

That looks a lot like a winter time setup to be honest. Just like you would expect in winter, it develops a couple of storm systems riding up from the south. The first arrives Tuesday on the European Model:

The second one shows up a few days later:

I’ll take that same look in the winter months and be happy with it.

Have a great day and take care.

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