Late week front brings weekend chill

Good Wednesday, everyone. We are rolling into the middle of the week with some very nice weather across the Commonwealth. This nice weather is ahead of a potent cold front that sweeps across the state late Friday, bringing the potential for some frost behind it this weekend.

Let me begin with a brand spanking new Kentucky Weather Podcast. There’s a lot of laughing in this one as we talk about weather, haters and our taigating adventures:

The timing of this front continues to be from late Friday through early Saturday. This is part of the same storm system producing major early season snows across the Rockies and upper midwest. Obviously, we won’t be seeing anything close to that, but winds will be gusty as showers and a few storms sweep across the region:

Temps may be near 80 ahead of the front then drop into the 30s behind it by Saturday morning. You can see how the chilly temps settle in for the weekend, potentially leading to a frost threat:

All of this continues to be part of a pattern that should feature a fairly deep trough in the eastern part of the country through next week. This may develop storm that takes a cold season track from the south then up the coast:

In November,  that same setup would be a snow maker around here.

Have a great day and take care.

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