Another big blast of chill ahead

Good Monday, folks. We’re coming off a weekend that featured frosty conditions for most of the bluegrass state as temps hit the freezing mark and below. As we kick off the new week, we are watching another big blast of chill rolling our way.

Let’s start with our Monday and look ahead. Temps out there today are back into the 65-70 degree range for many. Skies stay partly sunny, but  a few clouds increase later today.

Our Monday looks awesome with a chilly morning and mild afternoon. Clouds will filter in during the afternoon as we get ready for our winter looks setup for late Tuesday into Wednesday. A potent system dives in from the northwest and brings a shot of October chill with it. At the same time, low pressure develops to our south and hooks up with the disturbance from the northwest. This cranks out a big storm going up the east coast:

That brings showers and a few storms to us late Tuesday and Tuesday night with some wraparound clouds and showers possible into Wednesday. If the clouds hang tough, that’s a cold day with temps that may not get out of the 40s for many areas:

Another frost and a light freeze would then be possible by Thursday and Friday mornings.

Temps should rebound quickly by the weekend as another powerhouse of a storm system cranks to our west. This will bring showers and storms our way and the setup may evening produce a few strong storms. As that passed by, watch the cold surge back in:

You can see a second surge of cold on the way at the tail end of that run of the European Model.

The European Model is showing quite a bit of rain over the next 10 days:

The GFS Ensembles are showing above normal rainfall over these next two weeks:

It would be something to see this fall average above normal rainfall as a whole, even with the record driest September factored in. Extremes, my friends.

Have a great Monday and take care.

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