Some nice stuff before a wet weekend

Good Wednesday to one and all. We are rolling through the middle of the week with a very nice stretch of fall weather in Kentucky. Get out and soak up the next few days because things change in a hurry for the coming weekend as rain returns.

Temps the next few days look awesome with highs in the 60s with a mix of sun and clouds.

Let’s focus on the weekend setup as we now have just about every model on board with what the Euro and Canadian have been showing for several days. The one holdout? Yep… the GFS. Bless it.

Here’s the European Model for Friday night through Sunday:

The only correction we’ve been seeing with the Euro is the one we talked about. It holds on to energy too long as it comes from the southwest, so the timing of this system is speeding up.

That could be another widespread soaker of a rainstorm:

The Canadian is similar to the Euro, but it’s a little quicker:

The impact from this system should show up as early as Friday evening, but should be gone by Sunday afternoon.

Arctic cold air will keep pushing into the Rockies and plains then pressing east into the middle of next week. This could fire up a developing storm along this arctic air. That’s exactly what the Canadian is showing:

Can this setup bring our part of the world a very early touch of winter? MAYBE. Obviously, a lot has to happen to produce flakes in October, but the pattern suggests it has, at least, an outside chance.

Have a great day and take care.

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