A little dreary to start the week

Good Thursday, everyone. The new work week is kicking off with a lot of clouds and couple of chilly showers. It may even be cold enough for a rogue snowflake or two. This leads us into a fairly active period for the second half of November.

Let us begin with what’s going on out there today. Skies are mostly cloudy and we will see a tight temp gradient from north to south. The farther north you live, the chillier the air will be. A couple of showers will also be possible, but this is a fairly moisture starved system moving in from the northwest. I can’t rule out a snowflake or two tonight, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it.

Here are your Monday weather trackers:

Our Tuesday forecast looks very similar to what we have out there today as another weak system dives in here from the northwest.

Most of the models continue to ride the struggle bus as with the late week and weekend systems. I’m going to keep saying it, but there’s so much energy showing up, the models flip with their solutions with each run. I still like the front moving in here on Thursday with rain and milder air ahead of it and the potential for a few flakes behind it on Friday. Even if we get those flakes, that’s not a big deal because the next system moves in quickly behind it for the weekend. The track of that low will be interesting to track as it looks like a system that can produce a lot of different weather with it.

Here’s the Canadian:

This may be the first system where it’s all about the track of the low. 🙂

The setup behind this is likely to produce a significant system Thanksgiving week, but that’s about as much as I can even think about at this time. The Ensembles continue to paint a cold picture as we roll later into Thanksgiving week and into the first few days of December:

Have a happy Monday and take care.

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