Showers kicking off a busy setup

Good Thursday, everyone. Showers are rolling into the region and this is kicking off a rather soggy setup. It’s a setup that may also throw a touch of winter weather at us later Saturday.

Let’s start this party with some headlines of how things play out:

  • Rainfall totals of 1″-2″ will be possible from today through Saturday. This won’t be constant rains, but we will see the rain coming at us in waves.
  • As the Saturday low moves through, there could be a 20-30 degree temp difference from one side of the low to the other.
  • Depending on the track of the low, there’s a chance for a little winter weather later Saturday. The best chance is across the north.
  • If this low is strong enough, a little rain and snow action will be possible across the area Saturday night into Sunday morning.

The trend on the models continues to basically follow what we’ve been talking about. This system is now within the range of the NAM and it is showing that chance for a touch of snow late Saturday:

The European Model is similar:

The ICON is also showing a similar possibility:

The system coming in early Thanksgiving week is still all over the place with the models. The European Model continues to show a farther east track with this system:

That ones a long way off from being etched in stone, obviously. Still, it’s likely a big impact on the busy travel period.

Oh and the Ensembles continue to have a very cold look. Here are the Euro Ensembles through early December:


I leave you with your guys with your friendly radars:

Make it a great day and take care.

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