Rain and some winter weather today

Good Saturday to one and all. It’s a very ugly weather day across central and eastern Kentucky as low pressure works through. This low has a big temp swing and rain with it, but a late day temp drop could spell some snowflakes later tonight.

Let’s start with today and roll forward. Temps will range from the upper 30s north and west to near 60 in the far southeast. Winds will also be very gusty as the low wraps up on top of eastern Kentucky. Widespread showers will be likely and you can track those on our radars:

As the colder air takes control this evening, watch for a few snow showers or flurries trying to show up. That action would continue through tonight and into early Sunday, but doesn’t look to amount to anything.

That action moves away fairly quickly on Sunday, but chilly temps remain. Gusty winds through the weekend will make it feel colder than what your thermometer shows.

As we head into Thanksgiving week, we continue to see the models going back toward the big plains storm idea. I warned you this would happen with the models… They can’t handle all this energy, especially during the seasonal change period.

Here’s the low on the GFS:

For us, that looks to be a big wind maker from Tuesday into Wednesday:

This will also produce showers and a couple of thunderstorms as the front moves in. Colder air comes in behind that, but it’s only a seasonal brand of cold that takes us through Thanksgiving Day.

A weak system coming out of the southwest tries to make a run at us on Wednesday:

That likely falls apart, but it bears watching. From there, we have to watch the setup coming late in our holiday weekend. That’s when another big storm system develops in the plains and pushes east. This storm will be the catalyst to unlock arctic air into the first week of December. You can see this on the GFS:

It can get REALLY cold:

Things are likely to get very interesting in December.

One more time (I promise), in case you guys missed the winter forecast, the Kentucky Weather Podcast has the highlights and I talk about the whys behind the outlook. Give it a listen:

Have a happy Saturday and take care.

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