Thanksgiving week weather breakdown

Good Monday, everyone. It’s Thanksgiving week and our weather pattern is looking about as active as you can get. We have no less than three storm systems set to impact our weather from Tuesday through Sunday.

Let’s start you guys out with the headlines of how the week looks to play out:

  • Showers and thunderstorms arrive Tuesday into early Wednesday as a potent storm cranks to our west and heads into the Great Lakes.
  • High winds are possible with this system. We could see 40-50mph wind gusts.
  • A weaker system makes a run at us on Thanksgiving, bringing a few showers with it. The leading edge of this has the chance to start as a bit of a mix.
  • A much stronger system then develops in the plains by Friday and works into the Great Lakes. Strong to severe thunderstorms are possible ahead of this on Saturday. High winds will also be a big player.
  • A big time temp crash occurs behind this system from Sunday into Monday. That crash should include some snows breaking out.
  • From there, arctic cold then rolls in here from the northwest into the first week of December.

Now that the headlines are out of the way, let me show you what I’m talking about.

The Tuesday system continues to look potent, bringing gusty winds and showers and storms in here for Tuesday and early Wednesday:

Wind gusts will likely top 40mph during this time. The NAM continues to throw out 50mph+ gusts:

The next system is mainly a shower maker as it moves in on Thanksgiving:

The GFS continues to spit out a small period of sleet on the leading edge of this across western Kentucky:

That sets the stage for a very busy rest of the holiday weekend as a bigger storm comes at us. Showers and thunderstorms look to come at us in waves, with the potential for strong to severe storms as temps spike. Following that comes a winter blast and some snow. Here’s the GFS showing what I’m talking about:

The Canadian is a little slower, but offers the same general idea:

Have a happy Monday and take care.

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