Thanksgiving holiday travel troubles

Good Wednesday, everyone. It’s the busiest travel day of the entire year and we have two major storms sweeping across the country. The first one is beginning to move away from us, but the second one is on the way for the weekend.

Let’s take them one at a time. Our Wednesday starts with showers and thunderstorms pushing through here as winds gust up. We could be talking about early day gusts to 50mph.

The rain will end quickly from west to east this morning:

Temps start around 60 this morning then drop into the 40s by this afternoon. That’s when sunny skies take over as winds start to come down, but should still gust to 35mph at times.

Temps this morning may be around 60 before dropping into the 40s this afternoon. Colder air comes into the region tonight and northern and northeastern Kentucky could have a close brush with a few snowflakes. The Hi RES NAM keeps showing this:

Temps are seasonally cold Thanksgiving into Black Friday:

Thanksgiving looks to feature a mix of sun and clouds with a small chance of showers in the west.

The next storm system is breaking barometric pressure records along the west coast. This storm rolls into the plains states and then cuts eastward into the northern Ohio Valley this weekend. Ahead of it, showers move in later Friday into Friday night. The NAM is close to having that start with a touch of frozen stuff in the north:

The rest of that system brings rounds of rain, some thunder and gusty winds for Saturday. As it moves through by Sunday morning, we will get in on a dry slot for a few hours. Winds look very gust as temps drop from the morning through the afternoon on Sunday. Energy diving in from the northwest will produce a band of rain and snow that switches to light snow Sunday night. Snow showers and a few squalls carry us into Monday. Light accumulations are very possible across central and eastern Kentucky.

The Canadian continues to lead the way with this:

Have a great day and take care.

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