Still on the cold side

Good Tuesday, everyone. It’s another very cold day here across central and eastern Kentucky as snow showers and flurries taper off. From here, we have a couple of smaller systems on the way this week, but a much bigger storm looks to impact us early next week.

Temps today are back into the 30s for highs and that’s more than 10 degrees colder than normal. Gusty winds will make it feel like we are in the 20s. Some morning flakes will pull away, but a late day system may bring a small rain or snow shower in here.

Here’s regional radar to help you out:

Our next system arrives Thursday night and Friday and is a chilly, light shower maker:

That’s a nice shot of cold coming in behind that for Friday night and Saturday.

That brings us to early next week and a setup that’s getting more and more interesting. The models are now really keying on a severe arctic air outbreak heading into the United States. If the models are correct, you will start hearing the term Polar Vortex being thrown around. Here’s why:

That’s some major blocking forcing that lobe of the PV to drop into southern Canada and the northern part of the country. Record early season cold could be noted across parts of the country if that verifies.

Around here, the introduction to this comes in the form of a cold front with plenty of heavy rain on Monday. That front may slow down with waves of low pressure along it or, if the PV is really flexing muscle, push through with a true arctic surge with snow behind it.

That’s what the GFS is suggesting:

The EURO isn’t too dissimilar, but is slower with the first front and that allows the arctic air to overspread more east to west. In turn, thisĀ  could keep snowmakers traversing the southern edge of this. I’ve got the big view of the Euro to give you the full scene:

Enjoy your Tuesday and take care.

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