Light rain rolls in today

Good Friday, everyone. Light rain is rolling across the state today, but this is a quick hitting band of showers. That’s the good news. The bad news comes early next week when a much bigger storm moves our way. That one unleashes a major pattern change behind it.

As always, let’s start with today and roll forward. Temps are mainly in the 40s as cloudy skies and showers control the day. The rain will taper from west to east this afternoon and evening as chillier air moves in from the north.

Here are your regional radars to do a little tracking:


The weather for the weekend continues to look pretty good as we wait for the next system early next week. Here are some things to watch for:

  • Rain develops Sunday night and continues through Monday. Locally heavy rains are a good bet.
  • Temps ahead of our arctic front can spike close to 60 degrees on Monday, then come crashing down from west to east Monday night into Tuesday. Many areas likely fall below freezing by Tuesday afternoon.
  • As the arctic front moves through, we will need to watch for a wave of low pressure to develop along it. If this happens, a band of accumulating snow will be possible.
  • Once this moves away early Wednesday, watch for a sneaky system from the northwest. This could deliver some light snows in the arctic air.
  • That arctic air may keep highs in the 20s for both Wednesday and Thursday. Lows can reach deep into the teens with wind chills even colder.

The GFS continues to grow more adamant about the wave of low pressure idea:

The GFS Ensembles have really been touting this potential for several runs and the latest keeps the trend going:

The Canadian Model is starting to show this possibility, too:

The Canadian then sees that possible second system on Wednesday:

The European Model is usually wound up with a big storm in this type of a setup, but it’s pretty progressive without the wave on the front:

No matter which model is right, if any, that’s some big time cold coming behind that. This cold ain’t fooling around on the GFS Ensembles into the lead up to Christmas:

Throw in an active southern storm stream and things may get interesting.

Enjoy your day and take care.

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