All eyes on early next week

Good Saturday to one and all. Here’s hoping this blog entry finds each of you living life to the absolute fullest. It’s a pretty nice day across central and eastern Kentucky, but things are going to change by Monday. That’s when a system moves in with wind, rain, mild temps with cold and some snow to follow by Tuesday.

Let’s start things out with today. Highs are mainly in the 40s with a mix of sun and clouds. Those clouds will continue to thicken on Sunday ahead of the next system moving in here early in the week.

As we get closer to the early week system, you are starting to see the models showing the wave of low pressure idea I’ve been throwing out there for the better part of the past week. Much of what happens with the evolution of this depends on a piece of energy coming from the southwest:

If you want snow in Kentucky, you want to see that get out a little ahead of the arctic cold trough coming in from the northwest. Does this trough pick up some of that or does it leave it behind to let it more more to the east. That’s the difference between snow and no snow for us.

Obviously, I’ve been on the wave train for a while now, so I think it can impact part of Kentucky with snow. Here’s a rough outline of the setup:

Where does that front get to before it slows down and lets this ripple of low pressure ride along it? That’s what I have to nail down over the weekend.

The models are getting more interested in this feature. Here’s what the late Friday evening GFS looks like:

Obviously, it’s keying on a band of snow across parts of Kentucky. Here’s the snow map from that particular run:

The Canadian Model is also showing a similar process, but is a bit farther southeast with the system and still has the arctic clipper on Wednesday:

Here’s the snow map from that particular run of the Canadian:

The European Model went from being the most progressive with this system to being the absolute slowest:

Here’s the snow map from that run of the Euro:

Don’t put faith in any one model run you see here or coming out today. Let’s watch for trends to see when and where this wave of low pressure may form along the front on Tuesday.

Have a great Saturday and take care.

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