Watching another weak system

Good Tuesday, everyone. Colder air is bleeding into the region today and it could bring a snowflake or two along for the ride. From there, it’s all eyes on a weak system moving in on Wednesday. That one is likely to bring a decreasing band of precipitation our way.

Temps out there today are generally in the 30s with mostly cloudy skies. There’s the small chance for a few flurries to fly as well.

Our Wednesday system scoots by to our south, but may have a band of rain and snow on the northern edge of this. That decreases the farther east it gets as we have fairly dry air in place. Can we get a touch of light snow into central Kentucky? That’s a small possibility and one that’s worth watching.

The Hi Res NAM focuses a little stripe of snow across the south:

The NAM is a little farther north:

The GFS has nothing at all:

The EURO is somewhere between the Hi Res NAM and the GFS:

That’s pretty choppy looking and is indicative of how weak this system is as it moves in. Did I mention “light” is the name of the game for those who actually see some snow from this? 🙂

The weekend setup continues to find a big storm system trying to come out of the south and ride up the east coast. At the same time, a system is dropping into the Ohio Valley. If you want a big winter event around here, you want those two systems to hook up.

As of now, that’s not looking likely. Here’s the GFS:

The EURO continues to look different, but not as much as before:

Have a happy Tuesday and take care.

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