Scattered storms start July with a bang

Good Wednesday to one and all. It’s a steamy and stormy day across the bluegrass state as we kick off the month of July. Today’s storms will bring the potential for additional high water issues for local areas.

As we get into the all important 4th of July holiday weekend, temps and humidity levels take off, but the chance for a storm may return. I’ll get into that in a bit.

Let’s start with today. It’s very similar to the weather from the past few days. Rounds of showers and thunderstorms will show up across the state and these will drop a lot of water in a short amount of time. That may easily cause additional flash flood issues to develop. This looks fairly localized. Outside of the action, temps are steamy and deep into the 80s.

Thursday finds mainly dry weather FINALLY pushing into the bluegrass state. This kicks off a very toasty setup through the 4th of July weekend. Highs this weekend range from the middle 80s to low 90s with humidity making it feel hotter than that.

There’s still the threat for a storm or two going up and the GFS is picking up on this into early next week:

Now that we are into the month of July, we can start looking at toward the late summer and fall pattern to see how things are shaping up. That’s what we will be doing in the coming days and weeks.

Here are your storm tracking toys:

Have a wonderful Wednesday and take care.

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