A big blast of fall ahead

Good Wednesday to one and all. As Hurricane Sally comes ashore across the Gulf Coast, a potent fall cold front will act to steer this storm well to our south. This same front then unleashes a blast of fall air that has staying power.

Believe it or not, smoke from the western wildfires is showing up over top of the region. You could really see this on Tuesday:

Today’s smoke is thickest across the northern half of the state and you can see this on a visible satellite:

Here’s a better depiction of just how much of the country is seeing some smoke from the devastation in the west:

That’s pretty remarkable and sobering at the same time.

Hurricane Sally is slowly coming onshore today:cone graphic

The slower movement has allowed this storm to weaken some because of upwelling of cooler water underneath it. But the same slow-movement is also leading to historic flooding in this region:

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The slower system also means it has less of a chance to impact our weather because it gives the cold front a head start in getting in here. That effectively pushes this system well to our south, but we can still see offshoot moisture leading to a few showers and storms Wednesday and Thursday:



The air behind this front is chilly and is likely to keep our Friday highs in the 60s:

Saturday highs may also stay in the 60s for some. Lows over the weekend will be deep into the 40s:



With a northeasterly flow settling in through the first half of next week, we are likely to see a string of mornings in the 40s with very nice afternoon temps. Fall is threatening to lock in a little early this year, so you may want to stock up on chili making supplies. 😉

Have a wonderful Wednesday and take care.

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