Tracking heavy rain from Delta

Good Saturday to one and all. Gusty showers are on the move as tropical moisture streams out ahead of what’s left of Hurricane Delta. The remnant low from this system winds up right on top of the state late Sunday, bringing heavy rain and some thunderstorms.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the weekend:

  • Gusty showers are being noted across the state today, well ahead of the Delta that’s still in the deep south.
  • We will be seeing some breaks in the showers today, but that break isn’t going to show up everywhere at the same exact time. You will have to pick and choose your dry times based on the radar for your particular area.
  • Heavy rain and thunderstorms will increase tonight into Sunday as what’s left of Delta moves in here.
  • A swatch of 1″-3″ shows up across much of the state, but we will see a sharp cutoff on the northern edge of the heaviest rain. So, if you’re around the Interstate 64 corridor, you may be walking a fine line between gentle rain and heavier rain.
  • Some local high water issues may show up, especially on Sunday in the south or southeast.

Here are your Saturday rain tracking radars:

Have a good one and take care.

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